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Created on 2009-05-04 01:12:27 (#263690), last updated 2010-12-07 (358 weeks ago)

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Name:Adam Lambert
Posting Access:All Members
Community description:Everything to do with Adam Lambert
Welcome to the Adam Lambert Community on DreamWidth. The place where you can post anything and everything about Adam Lambert. The only thing we ask is that we follow these simple rules.


1. Be courteous to everyone. Do not post anything disrespectful to either Adam, his family or other members. Bashing, flaming, and nasty comments are strictly prohibited.

2. If you experience any problem with another member of the community, email one of the mods.

3. Fanfiction and fanart are allowed, but they should be posted under a cut, and should contain proper warnings.

4. In order to avoid spoiling others for a particular episode, please place ALL screencaps, photos, and videos under a cut.

5. Spoilers must be properly and clearly marked in order to avoid fellow fans to miss out on the fun.

6. Results are considered spoilers until the next week when the idols are set to perform again. Therefore, the result of one week cannot be discussed outside of a cut until the next weeks performances. This is another feature to prevent spoiling the people who have to TiVo American Idol and aren't able to watch it right away.

7. ALL media files must be access locked (what would constitute member locked over on LJ) because the material contained might be infringing on copyright laws.

8. Please don't promote other communities or websites without first contacting the mods for approval.

9.Keep in mind that rumors and speculation are just that. This community allows them to be posted, but please place them under a cut, and specify in either the subject of the post or the cut text that they are, in fact, rumors.

If a post does not comply with the nature of this community, we reserve the right to delete it.

If you do not follow the rules of this community you will receive a warning, upon receiving three warnings you will be removed from the community.
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